YuMOVE PLUS for Dogs is our higher strength dog joint supplement designed for stiffer or older dogs or dogs with existing joint issues, who need extra joint support. It’s packed with 20% more ActivEase® GLM than our regular formula and available exclusively from us. A tasty tablet for daily feeding, you can give at your convenience, proven to soothe stiff joints.


Aids stiff joints

Helps mobility

Support joint structure



Dogs of all ages, size, or breed can take YuMOVE PLUS, if they have started solid food. The tasty tablet can be taken directly from your hand or added to their food. You can choose to give the recommended amount in one go or spread it throughout the day.


Green Lipped Mussel

Containing 20% more ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel than our original formula. Specifically selected from the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand, it provides a super concentrated source of Omega 3 fatty acids which helps soothe stiff joints.


N-Acetyl-D glucosamine

Fast-acting, providing the major building blocks of cartilage for extra support in the tough connective tissue that protects the joint.



Supports the cartilage, tendons and ligaments by encouraging collagen formation. 


Hyaluronic Acid

Aids lubrication and cushioning of the joint, proven to reach the joint within 2 hours.


Vitamins C and E

Neutralise free radicals helping to maintain joint mobility. 

*Study conducted by Royal Veterinary College.

** Kynetec VetTrak January 2021. Sales of YuMOVE branded products through veterinary wholesalers.



    • 250mg Glucosmine HCl
    • 180mg Green Lipped Mussel (containing natural Chondroitin)
    • 20mg N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine
    • 12.5mg Vitamin C
    • 3mg Manganese
    • 2mg Hyaluronic Acid
    • 1mg Natural Antioxidant
    • 0.5mg Vitamin E


  • *Please refer to the exact ingredients on the back of your box when the product arrives as we are currently transitioning products.

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