Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Refill Bag (1.59kg) and 4 Refill Pads


1 Months Supply*


This litter system is perfect for a multi-cat household

This set contains:

  • cat litter pads (4 in pack equals 1 months supply*)
  • and mordenite zeolite cat litter, providing super odour control.

NB. For full Purina Breeze Cat Litter System which includes a litter tray, a litter scoop plus 1 months supply of both the 1.59kg litter and 4 pads; please see my other listing.



This cat litter system separates the liquid and solid waste with ease, moisture is also removed from the solid waste, drying it out, which diminishes nasty odours!

The cat litter itself is odourless, it is virtually dust-free (up to 99.9%)  AND virtually zero tracking when your pet leaves the litter tray WOW!

How the system works:

Urine passes through the litter pellets onto the litter pad beneath where all the liquid is absorbed - no sifting out of litter required!

The solid waste is dried out by the litter pellets.

All odour is controlled using this method and cleaning of the litter tray has never been easier!

Scoop out the solid waste daily with the scoop provided, liquid is not held in the pellets it is securely held in the pad beneath in the tray.

Change the pellets at the end of every 4th week and change the pad at the end of each week for 1 cat and after three days for 2 cats.

Easy cleaning

Sift out solid waste & change the cat litter pad easily; if using the Purina Breeze Cat Litter system (not included - see my other listing) there is a lower tray where the cat pad is placed & can be easily disposed of and replaced.

  • Dimensions:
  • Cat litter pad: 43 x 29 cm (L x W)
  • Cat litter pack: 1.59kg
  • Included in this listing is: 1 pack of cat litter, 4 cat litter pads.

*based on a 1 cat house-hold

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Refill Bag 1.59kg & Refill Pads


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