Rids the litter tray from bad odours

Moisture activated formula

Works well with all types of cat litter



Get rid of odours from the litter box with this special two-in-one formula, Aromatherapy Cat Litter Deodoriser. Combining the maximum deodorising power of pure baking soda with extra freshening aromatherapy essences, all you need to do is add to your cats litter box and your home will smell fresh and natural in no time at all. The moisture activated formula will release soothing aromatherapy essences every time and works will all types of cat litter including clay, scoop-able and natural.


Height: 20cm

Diameter: 7cm

Weight: 567g

Petkin Aromatherapy Lavender Litter Deodoriser

SKU: 989053
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