Mikki Easy Clean Slicker for Fine/Medium Coats - Extra Small Size
Perfect for smaller animals
  • gently eases out knots and tangles
  • removes dead hair from undercoat & topcoat
  • for extra fine/medium coats;
  • ergonomic handle for an easier and more comfortable grip;
  • push action device button for easy removal of fur from slicker pins;
  • for shedding & undercoat;
  • size: small
  • colour: red & black
Use gently stroking actions to allow the slicker pins to ease through knots and tangles and remove any dead hair from both the topcoat and the undercoat leaving the coat clean, shiny and healthy. Be gentle and careful at first until you are familiar with the action.

MIKKI Easy Clean Slicker Brush Extra Small Brush for Dogs & Puppy

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