Ancol Luxury Kitten Collar in Pink with Charm & Bell


Size: 12-20cm
Star patten with bell & charm
Kittens and small cats who are little stars will love the Ancol Stars Kitten Collar.
With star pattern appliqué on sturdy nylon and even a hanging gem and miniature bell this collar will help your kitten shine.
Choose from two colour options: Pink with a pink and blue hanging gem or black with a black and pink hanging gem.

All Ancol cat collars come with safety features as standard; this collar features a break-away buckle to allow your cat an easy escape if they get caught whilst climbing.
All Ancol collars also feature a warning bell to help protect wildlife.

When fitting your cat's collar, ensure that you can get two fingers between your cat and the collar for safety and comfort.

Please remove the collar when using liquid flea treatments to prevent reactions between the treatment and the materials of the collar.

Kitten Collar Stars, Bell & Charm Luxury Quick Safety Release Pink 12-20cm

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