Johnsons Concentrated Catnip Spray 150ml


For your Kitten or Cat

Fresh Catnip Gives your Pleasure & 
Deters Destructive Scratching
Johnsons Catnip Spray contains an oil from the dried leaves of cat mint.
Why use catnip?
Very often, our very fussy cats will turn their nose up to a new cat scratcher post or tree, new toys or a new bed bought for them.
Simply spraying catnip onto an item will entice the cat to investigate it and to start using it.
In addition, play is a vital activity, not only for kittens, but for adult cats, too.
Cats are athletic creatures with amazing strength and agility.
Nature made them into perfect machines for leaping, jumping, and dashing.
Just because your house kitty doesn't have real prey to chase doesn't mean s/he can't act out her inner predator.

Johnson's Concentrated CATNIP Spray 150ml

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