Johnsons Concentrated Catnip Spray


For your Kitten or Cat

Fresh Catnip Gives your Pleasure & 
Deters Destructive Scratching
Johnsons Catnip Spray contains an oil from the dried leaves of cat mint.


Use on Toys & Scratcher

Why use catnip?
Very often, our very fussy cats will turn their nose up to a new cat scratcher post or tree, new toys or a new bed bought for them.
Simply spraying catnip onto an item will entice the cat to investigate it and to start using it.
In addition, play is a vital activity, not only for kittens, but for adult cats, too.
Cats are athletic creatures with amazing strength and agility.
Nature made them into perfect machines for leaping, jumping, and dashing.
Just because your house kitty doesn't have real prey to chase doesn't mean s/he can't act out her inner predator.
Why Play?
Toys and regular playtime are part of providing your cat with a stimulating environment, which makes for a happy and healthy cat. 
Play gives them an outlet for their energy, mental and physical stimulation, the opportunity to satisfy their instinctual hunting drive and a chance to bond with you.
What is catnip? 
"Catnip" is the common name for a perennial herb of the mint family. It is native to Europe and is an import to the United States and other countries. The catnip plant is now a widespread weed in North America.
Given to the right cat, catnip can cause an amazing reaction! The cat will rub it, roll over it, kick at it, and generally go nuts for several minutes. Then the cat will lose interest and walk away. Two hours later, the cat may come back and have exactly the same response.
Because there really isn't any scent that causes this sort of reaction in humans, catnip is hard for us to understand. However, it is not an uncommon behaviour in animals that rely heavily on their noses.
For example, there are many scents that will trigger intense hunting behaviour in dogs, and other scents will cause dogs to stop in their tracks and roll all over the scent.
Although no one knows exactly what happens in the cat's brain, it is known that the chemical nepetalactone in catnip is the thing that triggers the response. Apparently, it somehow kicks off a stereotypical pattern in cats that are sensitive to the chemical.
The catnip reaction is inherited, and some cats are totally unaffected by it.
Large cats like tigers can be sensitive to it as well.
The reaction to catnip only lasts a few minutes. Then the cat acclimates to it, and it can take an hour or two away from catnip for the cat to "reset".


Then, the same reaction can occur again.
Very young kittens and older cats seem less likely to have a reaction to catnip.

Johnson's Concentrated CATNIP Spray 150ml

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