These tablets are a complementary feed, containing essential amino-acids, vitamins & minerals, which help to soothe and clam nervous and hyperactive pets.
They are particularly useful at times of stress and anxiety, eg. fireworks time, when travelling, during thunderstorms and for helping to calm aggressive or territorial behaviour.
A natural dietary supplement.
Helps calm and soothe nervous and hyperactive pets.
Ideal for times of stress caused by thunderstorms, fireworks and travel.
For dogs and cats.
Directions for use:
Give the number of tablets, as below, twice daily, morning and evening.
Give tablets whole with a tasty titbit or crush and mix in food.
It is advisable to start giving the tablets several days before and event which is known to cause stress and anxiety, such as travel, firework night etc.
Cats & Small Dogs - 1 tablet twice daily
Medium Breeds - 2 tablets twice daily
Large Breeds - 3 tablets twice daily
In severe cases the tablets may be given three times daily.
Always read label.
36 Tablets.

Johnson's Calm-Eze Tablets

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