White Party Shampoo 475ml
Brightening Shampoo with Argan Oil - Orangelicious
Argan Oil works to nourish and strengthen the coat as it rehydrates.
Natural citric acids, Vitamin B3 and fresh-squeezed orange smell leaves your dog brighter, shinier and livelier than ever.
To Use: Wet the coat completely with warm water. Apply shampoo gently, work back to the tail. Lather well into coat. Avoid eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Avoid eyes and ears.
Fragrance: Orange


I Love Pet Head Grooming Range for Dogs & CatsAll Pet Head formulas are pH adjusted and free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, propylene glycol, sulfate and DEA and will not harm your pet if licked or swallowed.Pet Head smells unique and amazing.This is one of the key features that differentiates Pet Head from other brands.Our product range consists of soothing shampoo’s, cool conditioners, stylish sprays, gorgeous grooming products and bling bathing accessories.We also have a range for our feline friends too!

I Love Pet Head White Party Shampoo 475ml

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