Bob Martin Clear Spot On Wormer



Choose between 2 tubes in a pack or 4 tubes in a pack for a multi-cat household.

Simply apply the solution to the back of your cat's neck to provide quick, effective treatment of tapeworms.

- Easy to apply at the base of the cat's neck

- Suitable for kittens and cats over 1kg

- 2 pipettes treat 1 cat up to 5kg

- Cats above 5kg require 1 extra pipette per 2.5kg of body weight

- Each pipette contains 20mg of prarizquantel


There is no permanent treatment for tapeworms, and there aren’t always symptoms.


Veterinarians recommend that cats be wormed regularly monthly as a routine measure.


IMPORTANT: Use correctly to safeguard the health of you and your pet.  Read the Product Information on pack or enclosed leaflet carefully before use.

Bob Martin Clear Wormer Spot on for Cats & Kittens over 1kg 2 & 4 Tube Treatment

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